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All the way from Mandeville, JA, Biggaton, who is also associated to the David House Family, will be in the friendly fire studio for dubs and jingles, at excellent “discovery rates” – get in touch asap to book your voicing!

As always, the best quality recordings, best prices and quick turnaround!


A natural gift of vocal diversity coupled with an outgoing spirit helped propel BIggaton onto the Jamaica Reggae scene, allowing him to perform his first major stage show in 1996 on the Rebel Salute Stage in his home-town of Mandeville

With his remarkable talent and skill, Biggaton went on to perform as an original member of David House Family, touring with Capleton in a plethora of big name shows on and off the island, and a worldwide following.

His timeless message is one of love, hope, upliftment and enlightenment, speaking to religious confusion, political corruption, poverty and crime.

In 2008, Biggaton was awarded Reggae Artiste of the Year at the Diamond awards held in Jacksonville, Florida.

He continues to electrify the stage with his knowledge and energetic performance touching the ears, eyes and hearts of the people: “Love Yourself, Be True and Be the Best of Who You Are in Righteousness. Selassie I, Emmanuel I, Marcus I, Mama Mennen I Jah RasTaFar I”